“In 2008, we wanted to install a Four Seasons Sunroom and enlarge our kitchen in our residence in Hyde Park,NY. We hired Brad Hoffstatter of Blue Mountain Construction because his qualifications were highly recommended by Hudson Valley Sunrooms in Kingston, N.Y. Brad had completed the precision work on the exacting requirements for the base required to install a Four Seasons Sunroom on multiple occasions, with great success. This is why we chose to use his skilled expertise. Brad worked with our architect to offer excellent solutions to our unique set of requirements to enlarging our kitchen and attaching the sunroom. Brad and his crew were a pleasure to work with, they took care of our construction with minimal upheaval and completed our project to our complete satisfaction.”

-Harvey and Edith Stratton

“Blue Mountain Contractors finished my basement. Brad and his crew were a great throughout all phases of the project from helping me with design and layout to the final wall painting. I was nervous because the job had to be completed before my company arrived for the holidays but Blue Mountain Contractors really delivered. They finished the job on time and on budget without cutting corners.”

-Darby Greco

To All Potential Customers of Brad Hoffstatter and Blue Mountain Contractors

I want to take the time now to commend and recommend highly one of our preferred contractors for Hudson Valley Sunrooms, Brad Hoffstatter and the team of Blue Mountain Contractors. Speaking for myself, as one of the Design Consultants for Hudson Valley Sunrooms and the Office Manager, I have used Brad ONLY for all of my Four Seasons Sunrooms additions. Why do I choose Blue Mountain Contractors? Here is a list of reasons:

  • Honest and full of integrity.
  • Personable.
  • Extremely professional and efficient.
  • Personal involvement and attention to detail.
  • Excellent listener and problem solver, evaluates all sides of a project before coming up with a solution.
  • Very high standards for whatever the size of the project I bring him in on, big or small.
  • Quick response to questions, concerns and handled with care. 8. Commitment to excellence. Follow-up with care and dedication.
  • Accommodation to provide customer satisfaction always beyond expectation.

It has been a pleasure to work with Brad, and both Chris Smalley, President of Hudson Valley Sunrooms and I would recommend him highly for any project you have in mind for your home or business.


Most Sincerely,

-Colleen McNamara-DePuy

Design Consultant/Office Manager
Four Seasons Sunrooms

I’d like to go on record with my thoughts about your company. We have done many projects together and it has always been a rewarding experience. I often tell my clients that I will only recommend contractors who I would have build my own house. Blue Mountain Contractors, Inc. is very high on that list, I’m happy to report. The Hoffstatter name is synonymous with highly skilled builders and has been for several generations. Having grown up in the Kingston area I’ve watched the Hoffstatters reputation for quality construction grow and prosper over the years. Blue Mountain Contractors, Inc. is no exception to that phenomena. Your attention to detail is second to none. You have always been a team player and an invaluable member of any construction team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with you on. Your ideas are always welcome and often save time and money while delivering exceptional quality. Your attention to detail means superb fit and finish and a product that stands the test of time. Call-backs are extremely rare with your firm and are always satisfactorily attended to in a timely manor. That speaks volumes as far as I am concerned. Your pleasant demeanor and “long fuse” make you a pleasure to work with.

My clients, who have worked with your firm, are all extremely satisfied with your work. What more could an architect ask for than a contractor that makes me look good? I look forward to many, many more exciting projects brought to fruition by Blue Mountain Contractors, Inc.

Very truly yours,

-William P. Brinnier, Architect